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Performing Companies

  • Shine Circle

Much of the work of the North County Dance and Performing Arts Foundation (NCDPAF) is centered on our Performing Companies – the Paso Robles Ballet Company and the Paso Robles Jazz Company. Each Company has various individual performing companies made up of dancer with similar skill and experience levels. Our Performing Companies are directed by experienced dance professionals. Their dancers train at our “home” studio, Class Act Dance and Performing Arts Studio, under the tutelage of outstanding professional dance instructors. Performance pieces are choreographed by well known choreographers from across the country.

In the past our Performing Companies had the opportunity to perform locally at such events as the Paso Robles Pioneer Day, Halloween in front of Paso Robles City Park, Symphony of the Vines at Allegretto Vineyard Resort, Paso ArtsFest, Kids Day in the Park, Vine Street and California Mid State fair.  They also participate in major regional programs that help to expose them to dancers and instructors from outside the local area, helping to expand their performing horizons.

Ballet Company

Under the direction of Ms. Cheryle Armstrong (Artistic Director) and Amy Wescom (Assistant Director)
Our Ballet Company includes:

  • The Paso Robles Chamber Ballet
  • The Youth Ballet Company
  • The Junior Youth Ballet Company

The Ballet Company’s mission is to provide each dancer with a solid foundation in ballet training that is build on an extensive and challenging curriculum. Through a supportive, non-competitive environment that upholds the traditions of classical ballet training, dancers learn to achieve their personal goals and hone their natural talents. Their growth and appreciation for the fine art of ballet will evolve through the continued exposure to the art. The Ballet Company’s dance program offers dancers many educational and performing opportunities, bringing world -class talent for master classes, choreography, and productions. Workshops bring in professional dancers and instructors from all disciplines of dance.

Regional Dance America (RDA)

The Paso Robles Chamber Ballet is proud to be a member of the prestigious Regional Dance America (RDA) program, Pacific region. The mission of RDA is to advance and foster the growth and education of dancers, choreographers, directors and dance companies in every community across the United States and Canada. RDA provides a national identity and support for its five regional associations: MidStates, Northeast, Pacific, Southeast and Southwest. Development of member companies is further promoted through regional and national festivals by affirming standards of appraisal, evaluation and performance to which all members are held. Each year, each of the five RDA regions sponsors a festival that is attended by all of the regional member dance companies. Dancers attending these festivals have the opportunity to take master classes from professional dancers of nation and world renown, network with other dancers and compare their work that of other dance companies.

Jazz Company

Under the direction of Ms. Amy Wescom
Our Jazz Company includes:

  • Infinity Dance Company
  • Fusion Dance Company
  • The Vibe Dance Company
  • Dazzled Dance Company
  • Classy Kids Dance Company