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Major Productions

Program Overview

The mission of the North County Dance and Performing Arts Foundation (NCDPAF) is to expose the public to the richness and diversity of the performing arts while developing pride, self-confidence, discipline and responsibility in the performers.

To that end, the foundation produces two major dance-centered productions each year. Whereas members of our Performing Companies provide the core of performers in these productions, they are open to the entire community. These productions include performers from all walks of life, and for all ages –  5 to 85 and beyond!

The Nutcracker Ballet

Each holiday season, the Foundation presents its annual production of the timeless winter holiday classic, The Nutcracker Ballet.  Anywhere from 70 to 90 performers are cast for the various parts needed to bring the story of Clara and her enchanted Nutcracker doll to life.  Though a ballet-centric production, non-dance performing opportunities are also available inviting the community at large to participate.  Shows are performed at the Templeton Performing Arts Center on the campus of Templeton High School, Templeton CA.

Spring Production

Each year the Foundation presents a second major production. This production provides an opportunity to explore other dance forms such as jazz, contemporary and hip-hop. These productions have included EPIC, The Cinderella Ballet, Creon, Ishtar, Alice in Wonderland, as well as the original productions of Let It Be and DreamWeaver.


Annually, the NCDPAF budget will exceed $120,000.00 in support of these productions.

Staff Support

Each production includes up to eight dedicated staff members: two Artistic Directors, a technical director and often five or more choreographers. Professional guests artists often join the cast, enhancing the professional quality of the performance, as well as providing the experience and opportunity to work with professional performers in the field of dance.