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Mercer-Sanchez Fund

Honoring professional performers Bud Mercer and Frank Sanchez, the Mercer-Sanchez funds supports the training of young male dancers in the North County.

Under the leadership of Molly Comin, and in conjunction with the NCDPAF and Class Act Dance, the scholarship fund provides financial support to qualifying families with boys seeking to train in the art of dance and performance.

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2017-2018 Mercer Sanchez Scholarship Award Recipient  Koby Wescom

Mercer-Sanchez fund info

Tax Deductible VOTES are payable as donations to:
NCDPAF:Mercer-Sanchez Scholarship Fund
PO Box 2291, Paso Robles CA 93447
To make a donation online please click on the link:¬†“Vote” for Gio and Molly