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2018 LADM

On January 26—28, 2018 members of Dazzled, The Vibe, Fusion and Infinity Jazz Companies competed at LA Dance Magic in Santa Clara.  The Jazz Company took 5 Solos and 1 Duet number to competition.  They won 3 Platinum’s, 2 High Gold’s and 1 Gold.  In the Group category they took 10 numbers and winning two 1st place platinum’s, three 1st place high gold’s, one 2nd place gold, one 3rd place platinum, one platinum, and two high golds.  Each year they get better and better.  Congratulations to the Infinity’s group number “One Day”, they were the only one from the group numbers to be chosen to perform for the facility show o Sunday.  So proud of them all and great job all first time soloists.  A couple of shout outs Jenevieve Crossett, Koby Wescom and Samantha Clavijo for winning parcel scholarships.